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Tournaments & Competitions

Tournaments & Competitions

We attend a variety of competition events for the varying abilities that attend our classes so, no matter if you are a beginner or experienced martial artist there are plenty of opportunities to get into the competition circuit.

Inter-clubs are friendly tournaments that you can enter from beginner level and develop your understanding of the point scoring systems and get some initial experience on the matt.

The next step up from the inter-club is the semi-contact tournament. These events accommodate beginners through to advanced fighters and are matched on age, weight, height and experience depending on the organiser’s matching system.

Finally, if you have developed experience at semi-contact events then you can excel to the advanced level of full-contact competitions and Fight Night shows.

If you want to get into competition fighting then we offer specific sparring seminars to train you up and prepare you. We do require you to be a member of the club for a period of time before you enter a competition, firstly to ensure you have the relevant skills to not injure yourself, but also to ensure that you have the relevant control & respect needed as we only allow respectful and professional fighters to represent BLAZE.

If you are specifically interested in getting into competition work then we will support you in aiming for gold and earning the achievement of being a top level fighter!