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Blaze Teen & Adult Classes

Teen & Adult Classes

Blaze teens & adults training varies every week but can include high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuits, pad work, strength training, line work and sparring to name a few.

We keep it fresh and always change training patterns so your body won’t adapt after the first few months. This means you will keep feeling the benefits and keep your goals within reach (even after your initial motivation has worn off!). 

All fitness abilities, complete beginners and experienced martial artists are welcome and we take beginners on all the time so we will be able to pair you well if you are attending your first class by yourself.

Blaze kick-boxing is an intense level of training as we believe that if you go to an exercise class you should come out feeling tired and that you’ve worked your body hard. You will never be pushed beyond your own abilities but equally we will always encourage you to progress and exceed your potential so bring a bottle of water and prepare to step outside your comfort zone!

What should you expect at your first class?

Every class starts with a joint warm-up which is followed by a cardio warm-up. Our CV warm-up varies week-to-week but can include circuits, interval training, punch and kick pad drills, shuttle running or even basketball! The warm-up fitness element of the class is really important in kick-boxing, not just for injury prevention but for health benefits and general all-round stamina. This part of the class may make you want to die! But stick with it, it will be worth the effort at the end of the night!

Once everyone is warmed-up and has burnt off some serious calories then we move onto the technical part of the class to work on syllabus technique in both line work, pad work and bag work.

Line work

In line work you are given the opportunity to practise techniques whilst stepping forward with a one stance step. This will help you gain a deep understanding of your positioning and how your body should move to enhance power. Keeping a good balance and focusing on an imaginary target will also help develop your sparring skills later on.

Pad work

Pad work is a great way to practise your skills and let off some steam! It is an effective way to build your strength and encourage weight loss through fast-paced drills. For many, this is the most rewarding and fun part of the class as you can quickly see your techniques progress and see your power develop. We practise syllabus techniques against stationary paddles, hand pads and kick pads and then introduce moving targets to develop your self-defence and sparring skills.

Bag work

Bag work is where you can practice most techniques with full power as there is no-one behind the force of your strike. You can also train your accuracy easily, especially with the harder jump-spinning techniques. It is a great way to practice combinations on a moving target.


Finally, sparring is the best way to combine all your skills and techniques and practise in a realistic fighting scenario. Pressure testing is the best way to develop your self-defence skills but we use a lot of control and restraint during sparring as this is essential for both health & safety and for competition standards. Your aim is to manipulate a guarded fighter to open up using feinting techniques whilst guarding yourself from attack. Once you have learnt the basics of sparring there are many inter-clubs, semi-contact competition opportunities or full-contact events should you wish to take your training along this avenue. Many students find sparring the most enjoyable part of the class with competition events being their ultimate goal (with the exception to achieving Black Belt) however, this is completely optional and we never pressure students to compete, this is a completely personal decision.

Training Aids

Additional to the basic elements of the classroom as detailed above, we have lucky to be able to offer the following extra training aids:

We use breaker boards to demonstrate technique, accuracy and power. You can learn any technique in line work or against a pad but the best way to show that you can use it effectively is to break with it (in sparring you use the same techniques but while demonstrating control, not power).

Boxing Ring

We are also fortunate enough to have our very own 16-foot boxing ring. This is a really useful tool to training as it is quite a different experience to spar in a ring, as opposed to on a matt. We set up the ring regularly so students can work at intervals on the bags between their rounds. Plus we also set it up at advanced gradings, Black Belt gradings and our monthly Sparring Seminars.

We give you this write up so you can get a clear understanding of what is included in our various BLAZE classes but the biggest challenge is stepping through the doors for the first time. Everything after that is a breeze in comparison! So don’t overthink it, book your free trial now and find out how we can help you transform your life with martial arts.

Achieve the Black Belt Mindset, Achieve Anything

It’s important to remember that you are only ever limited by your own self belief. Everybody can achieve something amazing if they put enough determination and effort in. Muhammad Ali, and Bruce Lee, have accomplished amazing things with their self-belief, and so can you, as long as you give it 110%!