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Blaze Dragons, Juniors & Family Classes

Dragon, Junior & Family Classes

We offer age-appropriate sessions for children, teens and adults.

We offer separate classes for different age brackets starting with our dragons class for 4-7 year olds, then moving up to our juniors & family sessions for ages 7-11 yrs and lastly our teens & adults classes which are tailored for ages 12 yrs+. 

Our Dragons classes are 45 minutes long and are parent-interactive as  we have found that 4 and 5 year olds benefit greatly from one-to-one support with their learning. They also often feel more confident in joining in with a new hobby when they have a parent close by and pad-holding for them so we encourage this to help them overcome the first hurdle of joining in, so that we can focus more on exercising and having fun!

Junior classes are primarily for children but were opened up as family sessions for parents who struggle to fit childcare around their own training, or who want to participate with their child’s hobby. It is a great bonding opportunity and an excellent encouragement for the children when their parents get involved and help them with practising their techniques at home.

Family sessions also work really well for children with additional needs who may find the demands of attending the class challenging but whom work well with the support of a parent to train with. However, parental attendance isn’t compulsory in the juniors class and sessions are primarily focussed on children within the 7-11 years age bracket, this being our main student base for these classes.

Blaze Juniors & Family Classes are 60 minutes long and are designed for children aged 7-11 years.

Parents are welcome to spectate the class in action and we encourage this for open parent-student-instructor dialogue. If your child is under 8 years old then we request that you stay on site for the duration of the class however, when they turn 8 years+ we are happy for you to drop them off and then collect them at the end of the session, should you so wish.

A typical class will involve a joint warm-up, a CV warm-up (varying week to week but ranging from shuttle running to basketball, from pad-work to dodgeball to name a few), after this we move onto the technical part of the class, the grading syllabus and sparring. All our classes are fun but maintain a healthy respect level towards both the instructors and the other children. We pride ourselves on having an excellent group of students and have never had any bullying issues within our classes as we focus on team building and looking out for each other.

In our juniors classes your child will gain confidence and develop skills to tackle bullying. We encourage them to push themselves within the safe parameters of the class, knowing that their experiences with us in martial arts will set them on their way to a strong and confident pathway in life.

We ensure a high staff-to-child ratio to maintain excellent supervision levels whilst they train as we take safety very seriously. We also limit the amount of students we take on so that the children benefit from smaller group tuition. This does mean that some classes have waiting lists but we prefer not to over-subscribe and will always put safety above profit.

Staff are DBS checked and have extensive training in safe guarding, health & safety, first aid, play work, ACE’s, restorative practice and more. We welcome parents to request viewing our DBS records to offer complete reassurance (In the entire 20+ years of teaching we have never had a parent ask to see our DBS records. For your peace of mind, please feel free to ask to see them at any time). Our Lead Safeguarding Officer is Bryony Pengelly and she can be contacted on 07769 803357, day or night, to discuss safeguarding concerns.

Blaze juniors classes are exceptionally popular and we do have waiting lists in place for some sessions however, if you are interested then we recommend getting in touch to discuss availability.

For more information on our dragons or juniors & family classes, please see our ‘frequently asked questions’ (FAQ) page, call 07769 803357 to speak to an instructor or click here to book your free trial now.

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