14-Day Free Trial

14-Day Free Trial

We are currently offering all new students 14-days FREE TRAINING as a trial to see if kick-boxing is for you! No sneaky sign-ups, no contracts and no hidden charges.

Just solid training with a variety of exercise styles to get you excited about fitness! If, after your trial you decide it’s not for you then there’s nothing to pay. However, if you choose to stay on then we offer excellent deals, competitive prices, family discounts and outstanding tuition!

So, why do we offer a free trial?

Firstly, some martial arts have a stigma of being aggressive. For some ‘fight-club’ style clubs this may be the case, however, to reassure you and to dispel this negative belief we invite you to come along to BLAZE to see how we differ from clubs that you may have attended or heard of before. A good martial arts club will have respect as the foundation of everything they do and we at BLAZE use this as the number 1 element in all of our classes. Our clubs are family-friendly and we take health & safety very seriously to ensure the highest welfare of our students.  Book your free 14-day trial today to see for yourself what you can gain from training with us!

Try a Variety of Classes

Secondly, we offer a free trial so you can see a good variety of classes.

Experience has taught us that one class is not enough for you to make an informed decision on a club & it’s instructors so, we offer an extended trial so you can try a few classes and see how they vary week-to-week plus, see the benefits that go alongside that.

We also use the free trial to assess students suitability for our classes; occasionally if a child attends and we don’t believe they have the maturity to start training in martial arts then we will recommend they wait a while before starting at the club, this can be disappointing but we know that it is beneficial for the student both inside and outside the dojo.

Know your Goals

Lastly, we offer a free 14-day trial because we want you to be completely certain about your decision to start martial arts before committing.

We don’t have big membership fees to commit to but we do want to see you succeed in the long term as we know EVERY SINGLE PERSON who walks through our doors has the potential to change their lives by REACHING BLACK BELT & ACHIEVING THE BLACK BELT MINDSET. We want to see every student transform into their highest potential and we know that with commitment, perseverance and passion, that the Black Belt Mindset can help them on the way to reaching that potential. 

So, to help you discover how martial arts can change your life, we encourage you to step through the doors with our free trial so that you have nothing to lose.

Additionally, we are now offering a FREE 20-MINUTE CONSULTATION with one of our friendly team so we can support you to get the most out of your training, whether this to be for anti-bullying support, personal safety & self-defence advice, fitness tips, goal-setting, boosting confidence or anything else that we offer. Mention this when booking and a coach will be in touch to arrange this with you.

If you have any questions about the classes please do check out our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) or call us on 07769 803357 to speak to an Instructor about what you can expect at your first lesson.

Or alternatively, if you’re ready to book now simply hit the button below to book your first free class.

We look forward to seeing you in class soon!

Achieving the Black Belt Mindset.