Student & Parent Testimonials

Below are a number of Testimonials from our members, if you would like to leave us one also please email [email protected]
"Really great classes to attend. So friendly and welcoming, even for an overweight, middle-aged mother of 2! Mark will push you to your limits, but what's the point of training if you aren't going to push yourself. After just a few sessions, I feel fitter and more confident than I have in years. If you're on the fence about joining, just go for it - you won't be disappointed."
Teens & Adults Class Student
"Words cannot express how proud I am of Daniel achieving his blue belt today. A huge thank you to the club for the last two and a half years and many more to come. Daniel has always been hot headed at times and still can be but controls this so much better now. Kick-boxing has given him an outlet for his day to day frustrations. He no longer loses his temper like he did before. Kick-boxing doesn’t enhance anger it reinvents it into mental strength and positive attitudes. He has grown stronger mentally as well as physically. Highly recommend this club to anyone."
Juniors & Family Class Parent
"So, I have just been woken to rock music playing full blast and my son doing his shuttle runs press-ups and jab-crosses in the hall way! Thanks Mark! Thursday can’t come fast enough! Thinks he’s a Ninja! Your class is a big hit!"
Juniors & Family Class Parent
"My son Antony and I have been training with Mark and Bryony for a year and a half. It is by far the best club I have tried. We go to the Bridgwater and Taunton classes, and everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Mark and Bryony are so motivating and we always come away having had a great night. Antony's confidence has soared since starting the kick-boxing, thanks to Mark, and this has also helped him in his school life."
Teens & Adults Class Parent & Student
"I have trained with Mark for 9 years and received my black belt in 2011. Friendly, easy going people of all types and grades. Egos are left at the door and its hard work within. Try it! Black belt is in everybody’s reach if that’s what want, or just train to train but don’t think, just do it."
Teens & Adults Class Student
"Really enjoy kick boxing with the kids, it’s improved everybody’s fitness and confidence and we are learning self defence too. The kids love Mark (probably because he’s a big kid too!) and he’s great with them. If you’re thinking of giving it a go - do it! It’s a fantastic friendly, supportive, family run club - everything you could want when learning a new skill."
Juniors & Family Class Parent & Student
"My son joined 4 weeks again and really loves it. He tells us what they have been doing and what he has learnt. They (staff) are very warm and welcoming, well run, well organised and it’s just a great experience for children. It’s fun but to the point, when needs to be. He really can’t wait to go back. Thank you."
Juniors & Family Class Parent
"Mark and Bryony are a fabulous couple who give their all even when exhausted. They clearly love what they do and are a great inspiration to all those who are lucky enough to cross paths with them. Also a fabulous club. Thank you and keep doing what your doing xxx"
Teens & Adults Class Parent
"Mark makes you feel very welcome and is an excellent trainer. The rest of the group are very friendly as well. The warm-up sessions are intensive and the pad work / techniques are of a very high standard. Ideal for anyone looking to get into or continue with martial arts, especially with the very generous offer of a free trial for beginners and the benefits included in the joining fee. Recommended."
Juniors & Family Class Parent, Teens & Adult Class Student
"It’s a brilliant session for all ages and all abilities. Mark makes it fun and entertaining! A very friendly, supportive group and great for health and fitness. Lost nearly two stone since I started."
Teens & Adults Class Student
"Amazing trainer, classes are very beginner friendly and fun. I really enjoy the classes and will continue coming. Even though i have had experience before I joined the club, the training i receive is enough to help me learn more and gain more knowledge for the sport."
Teens & Adults Class Student
"I have been training with Mark’s school for just over a month now. Highly recommend the school. Extremely knowledgeable and approachable instructors; great variety of fitness, skill and technique workouts; great atmosphere and ethos; always positive and encouraging help and advice from the more advanced grade members. Looking forward to continuing to train with the school!"
Teens & Adults Class Student
"Our son has been with the group for 2 years now. It has given him confidence and he really looks forward to it. They have great fun."
Juniors & Family Class Parent
"We have been going to the family class for 6 months. The instructors are really friendly and the fitness drills are done in such a way the kids think they are having fun rather than doing intervals. The lessons have really improved the fitness of the kids and their confidence. It's great that the parents can do the classes with the kids and progress together. Would highly recommend the classes."
Juniors & Family Class Parent & Student
"Mark and Bryony are amazing.. my son loves his lessons and absolutely is doing well.. He finds it fun, hard work and rewarding.. Mark and Bryony always have time to chat about anything. Highly recommended xx"
Teens & Adults Class Parent
"Thank you so much for the warm welcome and helping Tyla to settle. I watched on tonight and it shows just how much effort you all put in, how much you care. Tyla came back from this session inspired and feeling proud. I'm very grateful for the service you provide."
Juniors & Family Class Parent
"Fantastic fun and enjoyable, what more can I say. My children have been attending for around 6 months and absolutely love it."
Juniors & Family Class Parent
"Done a variety of martial arts before and Mark’s School of Kick-Boxing is by far the most accommodating and helpful classes I have been to. Even my children are enjoying it and learning a great art!"
Juniors & Family Class Student
"I joined the club in December 2017. Everyone was/is really welcoming and helpful, I enjoy every single session and feel great. My energy level is so much higher, than ever before. I highly recommend the club. You have nothing to loose… just gain. Join today!"
Teens & Adults Class Student
"Mixed and varied classes, never monotonous, great instructors and members. Free trial and cheap thereafter. Lots of fun and also hard work, which is also surprisingly fun!"
Teens & Adults Class Student
"Excellent classes for adults and children. 90 minute sessions for adults, which is rare I've found. Mark is a great instructor and very welcoming to new students and with your free trial period you can't really beat it. Excellent classes, friendly atmosphere and brilliant instructors."
Teens & Adults Class Student
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