Anti-Bullying Workshops


Our anti-bullying workshops are primarily focussed on dealing with non-physical bullying as we believe that physical bullying should be treated as assault, for which we teach specific martial arts classes.

However, additional to the verbal bullying resilience techniques we also include some simple self-defence methods within this workshop.

Our methods are much more effective than simply telling the child to ‘ignore the bully’ as they are given practical tools & techniques which boosts their confidence and mental health and therefore empowers them with a calm assertiveness. Most children want to know how to respond to bullies effectively themselves rather than just keep quiet and ‘ignore’ the hurtful remarks. Our anti-bullying workshop is designed to teach children how to be proactive and assertive.

After attending, all children will take away a pamphlet with the key points learnt so that parents can support and remind their children of the BLAZE techniques. Parents are also invited to our private facebook community support group ‘BLAZE (MAPS) Anti-Bullying Support Group’ where we share information and techniques on how best to support your children.

During the 90-minute session your child will learn:

*We always recommend a child speaks to an adult about bullying but believe that it is disempowering for the child if they are not given the tools to remedy the problem themselves. Instead, we believe in giving children and young people the personal safety skills and conflict management techniques to dissolve the bully’s power therefore eliminating the chances of them being picked on.


Cost: £15

Time: 90-minute workshop

Dates & Venue: Check out our calendar for full details on upcoming courses.

***This workshop is available to all BLAZE club members free of charge.***

Bully-Proof your Child with the Black Belt Mindset