Gradings & Licences


BLAZE gradings take place every three months and cost £20 for coloured belts and £30 for brown belt advanced gradings.

 This fee includes the cost of the grading, certificate and your new belt. We have a policy of only submitting students to grade if we believe they are ready so you will receive a personalised grading invitation slip at the time however, we recommend keeping the year’s grading dates in your diary which can be found in our club calendar.

Grading Goals

On average, if you are training at one class a week then we estimate you to be ready to grade every six months. If you train twice a week then you will likely be ready to grade every three months. However, everyone is different and instructors will pre-grade and discuss grading eligibility with students on a one-to-one basis.

Gradings are optional however, we highly recommend it as one of the best ways to stay motivated towards your training and watch your skill set improve as you progress through the belts. The title of Black Belt is only awarded to a few who make it that far but EVERYONE has the potential to reach that prestigious level. So, set your goal now and take it one step at a time!

Should you have any questions about the gradings or any aspect of your syllabus techniques then feel free to speak to an instructor in class or call 07769 803357.


All martial artists need a licence to train for insurance purposes and we provide ours through an organisation called British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA). Your first licence is included with your membership and must be renewed annually. We aim to keep costs as low as possible for this and the annual fees are currently £10 for juniors and £15 for teens and adults. You will receive a licence sticker in your grading book which will remind you of your licence expiry date, plus an automated email will be sent to you two weeks before your expiry date.