Meet the Team

Mark Pengelly

Founder, 5th degree Black Belt in Kick-Boxing, 1st degree in Tae Kwon Do, Head Coach at Blaze Bridgwater & Taunton.

Mark has been training in martial arts since 1991, over 28 years. His initial martial arts training achieved him his Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do in 1996; shortly after which he transitioned to Kick-boxing and now holds the title of 5th degree. He has been teaching children and adults for over 20 years and has built up a vast framework of teaching methods during this time. In 2002 he founded Mark Pengelly’s Schools of Kick-Boxing Ltd to share his wealth of experience in technical understanding, application and inspiration and has since trained fighters to European Championship levels and organised large semi-contact competition events. In the summer of 2019 the club’s celebrated their 17th Birthday making them one of the longest running clubs in the region.

Mark holds certificates and diplomas in coaching, WAKO refereeing & judging, safeguarding, emergency first aid, data protection and is DBS checked, licenced & affiliated with IMASA. Mark is also a local firefighter OIC and calls upon his work-based training to maintain a high level of health and safety in his classes.

Mark is Blaze’s chief coach, head grading examiner, head referee & competition judge, lead health & safety officer and is a club safeguarding officer.

Loves: Expanding the clubs therefore reaching and helping more students.
Hates: Being called ‘Sir’.

Bryony Pengelly

1st degree Black Belt, Head Coach at Blaze Wellington, Senior Coach at Blaze Bridgwater & Taunton, Business Manager, Safeguarding Officer

Bryony started training in kick-boxing in 2005 and, after taking time out to raise children, achieved the title of Black Belt in 2019.

Bryony holds BTEC level 3 certificates in both Self-Defence Instruction & also Conflict Management and is a trained member with the National Federation of Personal Safety. She has worked with children & teens for over 17 years and is passionate about inspiring lives and building confidence and empowerment through exercise and self-defence skills.

Bryony is the business manager, event co-ordinator, head coach at our Wellington club and is Blaze’s Lead Safeguarding & Welfare Officer.

Loves: The Black Belt Mindset.
Hates: Negativity.

Cat Gullick

1st degree Black Belt, Senior Coach at Blaze Taunton

Cat has been training in kick-boxing with us for 15 years and achieved her 1st degree Black Belt in 2010. She is one of Blaze’s senior coaches and has been a valued student & major figure of the coaching team, teaching both junior & adult class students, for many years.

Alongside being a senior coach at Blaze Taunton, Cat is also a senior grading examiner.

Loves: Seeing students improve at their own pace.
Hates: The look people give you when you tell them you’ve never watched Star Wars.

Dave Bimson

1st degree Black Belt, Assistant Coach at Blaze Bridgwater & Taunton

Dave started his kick-boxing journey in the family class to participate with his children but soon took the sport up for his personal progression and worked his way through the ranks to 1st degree Black Belt in 2019.

Dave is an assistant grading examiner and an assistant coach at our Taunton & Bridgwater clubs.

Loves: Spinning side kick.
Hates: Being late.

Ade Pocock

1st degree Black Belt, Assistant Coach at Blaze Wellington

Ade has been a member of the club since 2011 and achieved his first degree black belt in 2019. He commenced assistant coaching in 2019 when his children joined the club to follow in their Dad’s footsteps.

Loves: An insanely hard, beast of a warm-up.
Hates: Boiled carrots.

Claire Rose

Assistant Coach at Blaze Taunton

Claire achieved her 1st degree Black Belt in Karate in 2011 and made the transition to kick-boxing in 2016 to pursue her passion for sparring. Claire has fought in full-contact shows and semi-contact tournaments in both kick-boxing and karate and holds certification in WAKO refereeing and judging.

Claire is a competition referee & judge, an assistant coach at our Taunton club and is training to be an assistant grading examiner.

Loves: Sparring.
Hates: Wasps!

Sarah Reed

Assistant Coach at Blaze Taunton

Sarah started kick-boxing for fitness and self-defence purposes in 2011 and has been a valued member of the team ever since. She moved to the position of assistant coach in early 2018 and has been supporting our junior class students and helping lead elements of our adults class ever since.

Sarah is an assistant grading examiner and an assistant coach at our Taunton club.

Loves: The camaraderie of the students in the class.
Hates: Disorganisation

Richard Boyne

Assistant Coach at Blaze Taunton

Richard has been a club member for over five years since he started his training in 2014. He became an assistant coach with BLAZE in 2019, assists at the club gradings and is training to become an assistant grading examiner.

Loves: Skipping.
Hates: Cheating on press-ups.

Leasa Whetnall

Assistant Coach at Blaze Taunton

Leasa has been a club student since summer 2018 and is new to the BLAZE coaching team however, her expertise in working at a local primary school allows her to share her extensive background & working knowledge of engaging with children and young people so she is already proving herself an asset to the club.

Loves: Increase in strength & fitness gained through kick-boxing.
Hates: Burpees.

Ben Evans

Junior Assistant Coach at Blaze Bridgwater

Ben started as a student in the juniors classes in January 2017 and immediately shone out as a model student demonstrating outstanding effort in his training. The determination in his competition fighting has awarded him the title of BLAZE Best Fighter 2019. Since advancing to the teens & adults class Ben has consistently supported our younger students as a junior assistant coach.

Loves: How welcoming the class.
Hates: How Mark pushes his mental & physical limits although knows that this is always for his best interests and to challenge his mindset.

Maya Pengelly

Junior Assistant Coach at Blaze Bridgwater

Maya has trained in kick-boxing for 8 years, being the youngest ever student to start at the club. She is a natural leader and assists the senior coaches in our junior & family class at Wellington.

Loves: The endorphin boost after a class.
Hates: Cat dips!