Self Defence Training

This women’s-only, life-preserving training course contains content that we believe should be taught & practised in colleges across the nation. It is incredibly valuable to all women but especially relevant to anyone who frequents bars and nightclubs or travels alone, both locally and abroad.

This one-day workshop will give you the tools to quickly learn how to protect yourself against much bigger & stronger attackers. Anyone can learn these techniques and, when executed correctly can protect themselves and take down predators.

Your day will start with learning about personal safety and how prevention methods are the best form of protection. We cover high risk scenarios and the importance of listening to and responding to your best tool, your instinct. We also cover topics on drink-spike safety, passive aggressive attacks and knowing when to stop with the politeness and become fully assertive.

Next in your days events are: how not to be deemed an easy victim and what body confidence looks like compared to weakness & vulnerability. You will learn simple conflict management skills and how to use your voice with strength. We will also teach you how to use fear and adrenalin to your advantage.

You will learn about the law around self-defence and what you are legally allowed to do to protect yourself on the street and in your home, how far we can really go within the parameters of reasonable force and to what extent the law is on our side if we were to seriously hurt someone while defending ourselves.

Then you will learn the realistic, physical elements of self-defence such as, how to escape a wrist grab from someone stronger than you; how to effectively protect against a chokehold within vital seconds; how to strike on target when an attacker has grabbed you from behind. We cover all these points and many, many more scenarios with easy-to-learn techniques that will target the weak spots of an attacker so you have the upper hand and can get to safety quickly.

Event details:

Cost: £55 for the full day.
Dates & Venue:
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Bryony Pengelly, female black belt martial arts Instructor, qualified with NFPS.

Due to the nature of the course the recommended age is 14 yrs + however this can be discussed with the senior instructor upon booking.

You do not need to be fit or physically strong to benefit from these techniques and they are designed so that you can go home and share them with your friends and family.

For more info or to book please call 07769 803357 or email [email protected]

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