Personal Safety Programme

BLAZE Personal Safety Programme

This programme is an introduction to personal safety & self-defence awareness designed to educate pupils’ sensible decision-making on their safety & welfare whilst building their confidence and emotional resilience.
The classes are set over a 4-week period with the core objective being to empower children and young people through physical exercise and simple practical drills. Alongside the physical element of the classes we will also deliver simple PowerPoint presentations to reiterate the core principles of being assertive, managing conflict calmly and knowing how to be emotionally resilient to outside influences.
Within this 4-week programme pupils will learn:
  • What personal safety is and how to stay safe in public
  • Conflict de-escalation skills including the power of an apology
  • Calm, practical and effective methods to deal with verbal bullying
  • The golden rule of respecting and caring for others
  • Stranger danger self-defence skills
  • Practical voice activation skills
  • How to build confidence and emotional resilience through positive ‘self-talk’ and mindfulness.


This programme is delivered by our Head Coaches Mark & Bryony Pengelly and can be taught as an after-school club or during the school day (dependant on availability) as our syllabus covers many aspects from the PSHE curriculum. We are also able to tailor the programme to suit your school’s specific needs should you wish, to discuss this in more detail or to request a full four-week syllabus for the BLAZE Personal Safety Programme please email us on [email protected] or contact us.