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Learn how to defend yourself against bigger & stronger attackers in as little as one day!

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This one-day training covers a mixture of prevention & application aspects including the following:


  • Situational awareness & personal safety methods
  • How not to be perceived as an easy target
  • How to deal with passive aggression such as groping and drink spiking
  • Reasonable force and the law on self-defence including what you can legally do to protect yourself
  • Physiological impact of adrenalin and why most self-defence techniques fail



  • Voice activation drills
  • The safest way to deal with robbery & knife attacks
  • The Top 3 Strike Points for defence against bigger & stronger attackers
  • Stun and run drills
  • Wrist grab breakaways
  • Knee strikes & hammer fists
  • Bear-hold breakaways
  • Head lock & hair grab breakaways
  • Choke defence
  • What to do if an attack goes to the ground


The reason we go into such depth and don’t just cover the practical basics is because self-defence is more than just physical ability, it is a mindset. It takes courage to protect ourselves and for most, the confidence to fight back doesn’t come naturally. But this course will show you how to fire up and reclaim your confidence through knowledge, skill & repetition!

This course is not a physical fitness course and you do not need to be fit or physically strong to benefit. Techniques are purposefully not over-complicated, but designed for you to be able to go home and share your new knowledge and skillset with your friends and family.

Suitable for age 14 years +.

Upcoming course dates:
Saturday 28th January 2023
Saturday 1st April 2023

Time: 9am-3pm
Lunch: Bring a packed lunch
Venue: Workshops are held in Taunton, Somerset. Venue details will be emailed out after booking.

Once you have booked your training you will receive an email confirmation within a few days with your pre-training medical questionnaire and declaration.

Spaces are limited and this is a very popular course, once spaces are gone they’re gone so please book early to hold your spot.

If you have any questions about these training courses or your ability to participate please contact us on 07769 803357 to speak to a coach.