Top 9 Personal Safety Tips

It’s come to our attention that there have been numerous reports of attacks and attempted attacks around Bridgwater over the past four weeks. We don’t usually share this kind of info because we don’t get involved with fear mongering but for various reasons we have decided it important to share our…

Top 9 Personal Safety Tips:

  1. Before travelling, tell someone where you are going and when you should arrive or return home.
  2. Stick to well-lit roads, don’t take shortcuts.
  3. Walk in groups or pairs if possible.
  4. Don’t have valuables such as cash, phones or shopping bags on display.
  5. Don’t block your senses with sunglasses, headphones or by walking while texting.
  6. Be confident with your body language. Attackers pick on people who look like easy victims. Walk with your head up and with assertiveness.
  7. Have change kept in your wallet specifically for a taxi if needed so you don’t end up walking home alone late at night.
  8. Know the law around self-defence and what you are legally allowed to do to protect yourself. Consider what is necessary & what is a reasonable use of force.
  9. If you are attacked, remember stun & run is the first point of defence. Shout, scream and fight back if necessary. Do not give up. Each moment you fight back the attacker will be reassessing you as a target. Make it difficult for them, this is your best chance of protection & survival.

Please share these personal safety tips with friends & family.

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